Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The photo that almost wasn't - Sweet Shot Tuesday

Geography study has become quite a production in our house. Each country we study is celebrated at lesson's end with a food day featuring meals from morning to night that are typical of the country.

I've been halfway decent about taking photos of our food explorations. But, well, sometimes I forget. It really takes a lot of work to make these exotic meals and I just figure that I'll be spending the whole day in the kitchen, so my camera, doesn't always cross my mind (hard to believe, I know).

Egypt was our latest adventure with ful medames (fava beans, onion, parsley, lime, tomato) for breakfast, Kushari (lentils, rice and macaroni with a tomato/onion topping) for lunch and dinner was falafel on pita.  The ONLY photo I got was this and believe me, it barely happened. It was only because the pita dough needed to rest for 10 minutes and I happened to think of it.

I'm happy I at least have it. So, I'm linking it up with Sweet Shot Tuesday (now under Kent Weakley's watch).

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley
(Love the tagline!)


  1. I love how you are incorporating the food into the lessons. Great idea!

    1. It's been a LOT of fun. We all look forward to our special days. (Next up: Italy!)


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