Friday, May 11, 2012

Best. Kids. Ever.

As further proof that I have THE best kids in the world, I offer this:

No, not just their beauty and modeling ability, though there is that. Mostly it's that yesterday, the boys agreed to head out to the park for a photo shoot fresh out of bed and before they even ate breakfast.

The light was amazing and well worth the effort (at least for me ;-)  ). We got about a half an hour in, with each of them assisting with the reflector in turn, before they had had enough and we happily went home.

But, wait.... there's more!

As if that weren't enough, they also agreed to go to the same park after dinner so that I might see how the light falls at that time of day. It was equally fantastic and fun and they got a kick out of my joy at seeing it.

You can see what I was so happy about:

Even went for some back-lighting and sun flare. 

Seriously, these kids spoil me to no end. There were hints that this was an early Mother's Day gift, so I guess I shouldn't push to expect it again today... or tomorrow... or the next day. But, I can just sit and sigh over these until they're willing again. 

Lest you think me selfish and self-serving, we did fit in a few fun shots that were more their style:
(not that I don't love them, too):

 ...and I let them play with my reflector/diffuser:

The icing on the cake was later that evening with this conversation:
Enzo: I'll be happy when I'm older with all of these photos.
Me: Yes, you'll definitely have a well-documented childhood.
Enzo: Yea, but also, it's just nice because I like spending time with you.

Ok, Mother's Day has officially arrived and I'm a happy Mama. :-)

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