Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making Fun Outta Nothin'

Long story short:
Last night I parked my car a bit further down the driveway than usual. Apparently I'd broken a tacit understanding with the neighborhood birds. They were not happy and they let me know in their not-so-discreet way.
So the car needed to be cleaned.

Enter my two favorite boys. When I told them what I needed them to do, I got a few grumbles, but by the time the bucket was full of sudsy, soapy water, they'd found some fun.

 It may take them 4 times as long to do certain chores, but they can always make a game out of it or just plain enjoy the fun.

I was surprised and pleased at the pride they took in the task. They wouldn't call it done until they'd cleaned every nook of the car, not just the bird droppings, which is all I really asked them to do.

These boys definitely know how to turn a simple thing into a special thing.
I'm linking up with Simple Things Sunday.


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