Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Makes Me Happy

Another happy photography moment for me this weekend. I had the chance to photograph sister's family. It was a belated Mother's Day gift from her kids to her to tolerate my camera and my poses and my silly games meant to make them smile and show their love for each other.

Well, there's one kid, who has no problem with the whole idea. In fact, it might have been a gift for her as well. She loves the camera (and vice versa) and is just a girl who knows how to have fun.

I took a handful of others of this beauty, but I think I'll make those a whole separate post. 

Then there's her sweet modest brother. He has no idea what a handsome young man he is and is about 10 different kinds of shy in front of the camera.  But, c'mon, look at this guy...


But, give him the opportunity to speak and he'll have us all laughing til our sides hurt.

My thrill is in thinking of what these photos will mean in 10, 20 years. Even when grand kids come along and they get to see what a fun, loving relationship this tight-knit family had.



 We also got the poses in. They are such a beautiful bunch.

 .... and just some things I wanted to try for cool's sake.

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  1. Love, love love love love these pictures. Brought me to tears - again!


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