Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Kent and I seem to be on the same page. He introduced the Sweet Shot Tuesday this week with a story about his boy scout troop and a powerful evening they had sharing photographs and a movie. It struck him how fortunate we are to have the gift of photographs.

I had the same epiphany just yesterday in the shower, where all the best epiphanies occur. I was thinking over a photo shoot I did with my sister's family and realized how very, very blessed we are to have this magic thing called a photograph. Isn't it amazing that we're able to take some thing real and make a 2 dimensional representation of it? It's hard to wrap my brain around some times, but, then again, I'm not much of a science person. :-)

But, consider all the important moments that we are able to look back on even if we weren't present, or even alive when they happened.  On a smaller scale, the family memories and documentation that are possible is such a gift.

One moment on a walk through our neighborhood that might have otherwise been forgotten, but with the photograph will be remembered for our nice family time spent together and of course, for the beautiful golden light.

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  1. Oh what a great shot!! Blessings♥

  2. SO so true! What a lovely epiphany.

    You sure did capture a beautiful now unforgotten moment! Beautiful golden light, & beautiful genuine smile!

  3. Beautiful lighting! What a sweet genuine moment captured.


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