Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Puppy Eyes - Sweet Shot Tuesday

I have this photo in a folder called, "Boys playing - various days." Kind of a slightly more descriptive way of saying "Random," which was already used for this month.  Sometimes I just grab my camera for the sake of practice, but don't expect to get much out of the session that makes it to the record books.

But, sometimes I'm surprised.

I think my camera was trained on doggy when Enzo suddenly popped into the picture nestled her face and had a moment with her.

I love the diagonal created by their eyes and the scene was almost black and white without any processing, so, I knew it would work.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

P52/Week 30:"Euphoria"

I've committed myself to participating in a photography project called Project 52, where each week there's a challenge to take a photo with a particular theme and enter it on the group Flickr site.

I'm finding these themes very difficult. I'm not sure that it indicates that this challenge is not the right place for me, or that it is because it's indeed very challenging. The theme of euphoria just struck me as a bit unrealistic. I couldn't very well go out with the intention of "finding" euphoria. "Ok, boys, sit there... pull your arm in a bit, Enzo... Nico, fix your hat... now... look euphoric."  ha ha

So, instead I went looking for it in recent photos. I feel, though that I've stretched the idea and explained with words why something that doesn't really look euphoric, could be construed as such.

P52/Week 30: "Euphoria"

Here's the dictionary definition:

1. a state of intense happiness and self-confidence.

So, maybe it's not a stretch, after all. They seem to be having a good time and it does make me intensely happy to see them playing, interacting and enjoying themselves all at once. 
So, there it is.

Simple Things Sunday

I saw the post for Simple Things Sunday this morning and thought the whole world was out of sync.  Why would she put it up on Saturday?  ha ha  Joke's on me! It is Sunday. What happened to Saturday?  Oh, these weekends go too, too fast.

But, the good thing is that it's time to think about a simple thing that makes me happy. 

Here it is, my silly boy:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music at the Market

The now-ready-for-prime-time trio that is my banjo-playing sons and their bass-playing dad had their first paid gig this past weekend. They were asked to play in front of a fish market.  It's a family-run business, which likes to have a fun and interesting atmosphere for shopping.

I, naturally, was at hand with my camera.

I took lots of shots of the three of them and tried to capture the crowds, but this close up is my favorite of all those I took. Love his expression, the beautiful light in his eyes, the color and the dimension of context added by the sign. (Freckles and hat don't hurt either. :-)  )

I'm sending this up for my Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley 

Here are a few of the pull backs of the scene.

Love people who enjoy the little things and react to the music

Yay! I caught his eye. :-)

From across the street. You can see how this market believes in attracting attention with the bear and the tombstone.

Love when they interact
...especially if it's a moment of fun between them.

Monday, July 23, 2012

P52/Week 29: "Me"

I've committed myself to participating in a photography project called Project 52, where each week there's a challenge to take a photo with a particular theme and enter it on the group Flickr site.

This was hard to do and I only did it because I'm committed to having 52 photos at the end of the year. If only the boys could give me lessons on feeling comfortable in front of the camera and, of course, lend me some of their cuteness... but, until then...

P52/Week 29: "Me"

Simple Things Sunday - Doggie edition

I've set this image as my cover photo on Facebook and it makes me smile every time I see it.

I was sitting at the foot of the steps trying to capture photos of the boys playing. (Something new, right?) Pritzy wanted my attention so she kept dropping the ball down the steps for me to throw back to her.

This time it got stuck on that first step and she just sat and looked at me like I was supposed to get it. I looked at her to let her know that the ball was, quite literally, in her court. LOL
After a few seconds I pulled my camera up to capture this.

She's so fun. And cute.

Her idea of a good time requires no more than a ball. Mine apparently is looking at this photo. Doesn't get much simpler than that.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Time for another installment, after a hiatus of a few Tuesdays, of Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Thankfully, our vacation got me out of my shooting rut. So much beautiful scenery and freedom from email and other obligations. Though my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to continue shooting with only my 50mm lens since I just shipped off my wide-angle lens for it's second repair. Keep your fingers crossed for my sanity.

Here's a photo I captured in the mountains.

Oh, I miss my wide angle already. :-(

But, hopefully it will come back to me ready to work more consistently.

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Monday, July 16, 2012

The P52's

I've committed myself to participating in a photography project called Project 52, where each week there's a challenge to take a photo with a particular theme and enter it on the group Flickr site.

I've got some serious catch up to do on just about everything, but, since the Project 52 feels like more of a commitment (there's a number and dates attached) I'm giving it priority. I think I'll plop all of the missing weeks right here in one post.

So let's get started:

P52/Week 24: "Textures"

P52/Week 24: "Texture"

I noticed this on a play structure, which ought to pay the texture bill.  I took it with the intention of having it framed and put in our entryway, since as I'm sure you know, the C stands for Chiodi. :-)

Week 25 was Fatherhood. I used this photo.

P52/Week 26: "Friendship"

P52/Week 26: "Friendship"

I knew this theme would be my boys in some sort of interaction so I plopped onto the floor this morning next to them and waited for the fun. They enjoy each other, love the same games, make each other laugh and make me so happy.

P52/Week 27: "Addicted"

This was a tough one, but I had fun creating this image for the challenge, since most of these other entries were retrofitted to the themes.

P52/Week 27:"Addicted"

'nuf said? Let's just say that, sadly, I'm a much better sudoku player than I am a photographer....or phone call maker.

P52/Week 28: "Time"

P52/Week 28: "Time"

Our vacation last week gave us LOTS of found time since there was no internet, and barely any phone. Big swaths of time just enjoying the breeze and each other on the beautiful porch. Sigh.

And, so, I'm seeing the end of the tunnel. I'm not yet late on this week's challenge theme, which is "Me." Oh yeah, that one should be easy. Pbbbttt.