Monday, January 30, 2012

Click'n it up a Notch

Favorite photo of January is the question.

Here is the answer:

I've been shooting a lot, so I did have to think about this. But, I was looking through this session again yesterday trying to decide whether I liked the black and white processing and fell into this photo.  I think I had judged it too harshly at first. I like it... that is all.

I'm linking it up to Click It Up a Notch. Can't wait to see some of the other beauties.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Land of the Lost

Found a new site to link up to. :-)
It's Sweet Shot Tuesday over at My 3 Boybarians. No theme, just a favorite photo from the week. I like that and will try to continue to participate. Entering these link ups definitely has me picking up my camera more, which is my goal. I think I'll love to look back at the end of the year and see my collection.
Darcy, the host of Sweet Shot, mentioned how hard it is in winter to find a subject, or to be inspired while the weather is dreary. There's no doubt about that, but, so far at least, I've managed to check off some shots that have been on my "to capture" list.... the library shots, the lovie games and more.  Am I the only one with one of those lists?
Here's one that was inspired by a wedding shot that I saw by the very creative, Hot Metal Studio at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (scroll down to see it). They had a bride and groom, I had my usual victims, er... subjects. I thought it was great how this area lends itself to being isolated from reality. The whole room is like walking into a giant diorama.
The boys didn't know what to do with themselves at first, but obviously they found their groove.

Monday, January 23, 2012

By the Book

The I Heart Faces theme for the week is "By the Book."  Coincidentally, I had taken these photos last week, and this one a week before, each with a book theme. But, I decided to get my camera out and go for something new. The reason I do these things is to challenge myself, right? Not that I haven't gone to the archives for themes-past, but, this one is not only very doable (living room, couch, sunny day) it's also such a huge part of our lives, I don't think I could ever have enough documentation of the subject. Nor do I ever grow tired of it.

So, here it is, my I Heart Faces entry. You can see the many other beautiful photos here.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project 52 Week 3: "Inspiration"

I've committed myself to participating in a photography project called Project 52, where each week there's a challenge to take a photo with a particular theme and enter it on the group Flickr site.

This week the theme is Inspiration.

If my life is ever to flash before my eyes, the following scenes will surely play prominently. We've spent so very many hours of our weeks and our life in this building and between its shelves.  I imagine the boys will remember the layout of the children's room of our local library as well as they will our living room.

The books on these shelves have inspired playtime folly, crafts and constructions and dreamy adventures to faraway lands.  When we have a project to complete, this is where we come for inspiration. When we have a topic to study, this is where we come for inspiration. And when we have no inspiration, this is where we come to find it. 

I entered the second photo in the Project 52 challenge.
Here's a link to the Flickr group to see all the entries:

My creative reader.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My photo was featured for the Project 52

It's now week three of the Project 52 and I just now figured out where to go to see the photos that were selected by Sarah of My Four Hens Photography as her favorites. So, I did some backtracking to see weeks 1 and 2 and was incredibly surprised to see this, my photo, as one of those selected in week 1.
Really surprised. Really, Really. Ok, Astounded.  There were some amazing photos entered and as with most of these types of community photo fests, I never expect to be noticed among the many beautiful photographs out there. I do it mainly as a challenge for myself.

The theme of that first week was "Resolution" and my idea here was that I'd like to spend more days at home like this, each of us doing what we love. Reading, cooking, photographing... just being creative and useful and ourselves. 

What a boost of inspiration for me to keep on keepin' on. Sarah's photography is absolutely amazing and her opinion, therefore, priceless. (I'm sure Enzo's chef hat was the real deal breaker, but I'll take it.)  Week 3's theme is "Inspiration." I should just take a photo of my photo amongst all of those other beauties and there it would be.

I'm thrilled.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project 52 Week 2: "Life"

I've committed myself to participating in a photography project called Project 52, where each week there's a theme and a challenge to take a photo with that theme and enter it on the group Flickr site.

This week the theme is Life.

 This is Nico and his "lovie" (one of maannnyyy, but his favorite) matching wits against his brother and his lovie at the game of Life.  My boys love board games and play some that are quite intense, but other times, their lovies want to play simple games like Life or Monopoly.... typically those where one can get very rich or very powerful, since those lovies are very greedy and really downright ruthless.

I've been wanting to capture this image, or one like it for quite a while now.  Each time a game breaks out and I hear Numi telling Boppie that he has $50,000,000 coming to him or someone being put in jail, I laugh and think about the sweet memories they'll have of these games. They don't exactly play by the rules, these lovies, though. The invented games are quite creative in and of themselves and can go on for days.

So, aside from the obvious Life connection between the theme and the game, really, it's a capture of all the life that abounds when Nico and Enzo are free to create and play. They really are full of it. (Life, that is.)

I'm glad this project inspired me finally to get on the floor when the game's out and get the shot. I got a lot more than this one, of course, but, this about sums it up.  I processed the photo with an action called 'coffee,' which I like. Not something I'd want on every photo, but felt a bit like a memory to me.

While I was down there on the floor, my furry little sweetie sidled up to me and wanted some attention. I petted her a bit and then she laid down with her ball and I got this:


Monday, January 9, 2012

Cry, Baby!

Ok, like choosing my favorite 11 wasn't difficult enough, now I'm participating in a best face of 2011.  Thing is, I LOVE all the faces I photograph. I'm sure we're all struggling with the same issue, we who are participating, so I'll suck it up and choose one...

As I dug through the chronicles this one popped up and I lit up and there it is. Nothing better than this (especially when you're not the mom)..... Those tiny lips and the sprinkle of teardrop on the eye. Precious. A little soul demanding to be heard. You tell 'em, baby. ... all while three little ducks parade happily across his hat and a consoling hand comes close. I love it so.

This is an entry into I Heart Faces Weekly Photo Challenge. Check out the best of the best faces of 2011 by clicking here: