Monday, April 9, 2012

P52/Week 14: "Home"

My photo was featured for the Project 52/Week 14. The theme was "home."
Here was my entry:

P52/Week 14: "Home"

You can see the Flickr entry here.

I'm so thrilled.

With this week's theme, my thoughts were to get the boys playing in the front yard. No problem, right? I went out, with their enthusiasm in a perfect place, since apparently they were due for some running races. They had a lot of fun, but I met nothing but problems. Many   Most   All of them in my head. Couldn't frame the house in a flattering way; It would have been easier to recite pi to the 25th place than it was to figure out what to do about the splotches of light and shade in the yard; and my internal dialogue of self deprecation was louder than the barking dog at the boys feet.

Here's the best I got:

P52/Week 15: "Movement"

I do see it now, with sweet Jt's help, that it is a nice photo. (Thank you, Jt <3) I do love the many feet off the ground.

But, feeling discouraged at the time, I headed toward the house figuring maybe I should go for the family-around-the-Easter-table shot for the week's theme. But, then I glimpsed the details of the house as I came closer. The window that showed the reflection of the neighbor's beautiful white window, the door (I love doors) and the mailbox. I settled on the mailbox with the window reflection and had the shot.

Sessions like this can really dampen my enthusiasm and have me thinking I'm getting nowhere with this. Feeling like I'm moving at a snail's pace in my improvement. But, it sure does help to get the encouragement of having my photo featured with the many beautifully-composed entries for the week. Just a little nudge to keep me in the game.

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