Friday, April 27, 2012

The 'Burgh

The boys and I made a trip into the city today after their banjo lesson. We parked on the North Side and tried out the new under-the-river subway that takes passengers from the North into the downtown area. It was exciting for the boys to head down the gradation into what we could only assume was the beginning of the underwater portion of the trip. Obviously, we could only see walls and lights.

The trip is very short, but does a great service in allowing us to park reasonably and get into the city to wonder around without any time limits. 

This is the new downtown station, called Gateway, where we came out from the Subway. Loved the structure. That's Nico and Enzo in the lower right inside the structure looking over the rail.

This was taken at Point State Park and has been on my photos-I-want-to-take list for a long time. Makes me so very happy:

These are in the same area under the tunnel. In the summer these river rocks are the base of a large pool, but, right now they're wide open and left for our interpretation.

Very fitting that they complete a heart shape. <3

This is in front an historical mural in the subway station.  I couldn't resist:
I wanted to try more, but they told me it was "sort of embarrassing" as the station filled with waiting passengers, so I granted them amnesty from my twisted brand of torture.

My muses, my models:

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