Monday, April 30, 2012

Do the Monkey - Favorite Photo of the Month

How is April over already? I'm thinking this might all be part of an elaborate April Fool's Day joke being played on me by my boys and I'm really sitting at April 1st.  I'll get back to you tomorrow and let you know if I'm right.

But, I'm going to go ahead an hedge my bets here and still post a favorite from last month, whichever month that might have been.

This is from my nephew's wedding. I'm one of six siblings and this was the first time in too many years that this many of us and our respective children are all in one place and we were celebrating every minute. That's my dad in the pink shirt leading the dance.... whatever move he would make (mostly silly - they're doing the monkey here) everyone would mimic. So. much. fun.

I got up on a chair (thankfully, I'm not a heels kind of girl) and took this shot. This is my favorite for so many reasons, as you can imagine. I know we'll all cherish it and the memory for a very long time.

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  1. Great shot, everyone looks like their having so much fun!

  2. You guys look like a fun bunch!! so glad you were all able to get together to celebrate!


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