Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday

As I browse the photog-o'blog-osphere, I see so many lamentations about photographers' kids not wanting to have their photo taken, especially by the more prolific photographers: Stories of grunting and hiding and just-plain not cooperating.  Nestled into my long, long list of reasons I know I'm blessed, is the willingness of my favorite subjects, my boys, to pose for me, dress for me, travel to some fanciful location or even just to play and not pay attention to my camera.  They've got such patience for my twirling around them to find the light, not complaining when my reflector blinds them because I put it at the wrong angle or dealing with my mood when I feel like I can't catch a single shot.

There are definitely times when they'd rather not dance for my camera and I try to abide, but, more usually, even if one is not into it, the other will go it alone.  So, I've usually got a subject or two.  Lucky, lucky me.  This past week it's been Nico's turn to take one for the team and has volunteered every time I've asked.  This is one of the shots I got.  So sweet.... so, I've posted this with Sweet Shot Tuesday over at My 3 Boybarians.

Sweet Shot Day

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