Thursday, March 8, 2012

Out of the Costume Box - P52/Week 10: "Personality"

Since they were wee little, Nico and Enzo have loved taking on the personalities of book characters, movie characters, animals, neighborhood workers and, of course, some personalities of their own invention. Their costume box overfloweth.

There were days when I mothered Clifford the Big Red Dog or Barney the Purple Dinosaur all day rather than my own Enzo.  Nico had me climbing our 'mountainous' steps as we became big horn sheep in search of a grazing area.  I've seen pirates and lions and construction workers all in the course of an average day.

As they've gotten older, like everything else, it's evolved. Dressing up quickly became "be somebody" in our house and even in their everyday clothes, it's still their favorite and most consistent play time activity.  The exploding costume box is still in place, and these days there are times when either one of them will feel out a new character they've written about or drawn by becoming that character in play to see what he or she or it is like in some character-defining scenario.

Yesterday, they dug into their box and became composite Star Wars characters. Nico is a jedi, Master Chiodi and Enzo, always willing to be the bad guy, is Darth Enzo.

 Nico's costume is made up of a toga that he made himself when exploring the life of Greek gods (yes, it went all the way to his ankles when he made it) and a Hobbit cape from his 7th birthday party. 

 Enzo wears a partial Darth Vader costume, but wanted to be more of a rogue cowboy/bounty hunter, hence the 25 year old cowboy had that was handed down from Dad. 

They asked me to come outside and chronicle the battle between the good and evil. Being a simple humanoid, I had no choice but to oblige.  It was a few hours before sunset, so the sun was glorious. I put them where they'd be back lit and whoa! did it do wonders for the light sabres.

 I cranked the aperture down to f22 and so the sun could tell of the battle's importance.

We loved how the sun favored the Jedi, his light sabre and costume being so much lighter, giving its tacit approval for good. Evil is no match for the force when used for good.

I used the rogue's shadow pose (2nd photo) for my P52: Week 10: "Personality"

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