Wednesday, March 28, 2012

P52/Week 12: "Sparkle"

I've committed myself to participating in a photography project called Project 52, where each week there's a challenge to take a photo with a particular theme and enter it on the group Flickr site.

It was a tough week to get photo-things done. The week ended with an out of town trip, so lots of photos were taken, but, not much was done with them.

So, I'm playing catch up. This week's theme was 'Sparkle'.  I took this photo in the hotel room after I noticed Enzo sitting on the little refrigerator in a beautiful light by the window, loving his Teddy.

P52/Week 12: "Sparkle"

The sparkle is in the Teddy's eyes from being loved so much.

By the way, this is top secret information. That bear is actually Darth Vader, stripped of his uniform. He doesn't like it to be known that he enjoys cuddles, so each night he sets down his light sabre, steps out of the menacing costume and snuggles with Enzo as they fall asleep.  But, that's just between you and me.. I wouldn't want the wrath of Vader on my shoulders. 

I did manage to get this onto the Flickr site for the group in time, but just not tell the story here. 

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