Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hitting the sweet spot for my Sweet Shot


I learned something about my camera this weekend. When set a 2 second timer, there are 8 beeps before the shutter opens.  Important stuff.

It was my first ever sorta-like-a-studio shot with a high-tech backdrop of a casserole carrier and a desk lamp for my light. I had the flash on wireless coming from the side and books as my tripod. All on top of my kitchen table.

I sunk the strawberry into the glass to focus and then, with focus locked the timer set (I don't have a remote), I counted the beeps and dropped the strawberry into the water on eight.  I learned this set up and technique from Bill Fortney on the Kelby Training website.

As you can imagine it took lots of drops and flops before I hit the 'sweet spot.'  Hence, this is my week's Sweet Shot

Big smile. :-)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Great try, with a fantastic result!
    Makes me hungry for strawberries now :)

    1. Thanks, Robin. My son had the same reaction. :-)

  2. Brilliant! I love the photo, creative and definitely hit that sweet spot. The colour contrast is great too. Love your high tech approach, sounds somewhat like my approach to things too!

    1. Thanks, Pieces, for your comments. :-) It was a fun shot to try.


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