Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

Taking part in a new weekly photo challenge. It's called "Simple Things Sunday" and I love the idea.
It's a gentle reminder to appreciate the small things and to find something good even in a not-overwhelmingly-wonderful week. (Which mine was).

We got to spend most of today just putzing around the house... though it's about to get busier in a short hour or so.  I took out my camera to try some settings I was reading about in Popular Photography magazine and look what I found... a few simple things that make me happy.

Jt was playing guitar right under the window and it definitely mimicked the shadowy lighting in the article.  So as he practiced guitar, I practiced finding the light. (He plays guitar much better than I find the light.)

 The trick was to find a way to get enough light to his face, which was in the shadow. The first photo I brought out in post-processing, but this one I managed to expose for.

Here's one way not to worry about his face being in the shadow.

Enzo brought along his Far Side Collection and joined us in the music room. The light from the window was directly on him only a few feet away.  Amazing what a difference it was.

Nico joined shortly after when he heard our voices and brought his Kindle. I love how they want to be in the same room even to do their own thing.

Enzo could take it no longer and abandoned his book to fill in the sound with his own rhythm. They were playing "House of the Rising Sun."  We're definitely a house of hobbyists and I love when we can all do them together.


  1. Neat post! I like how they don't seem to mind you taking photos of them. I can appreciate the challenge of "finding the light". That's something that takes practice and I'm still working on it too. I think these came out really well, though!

    1. Thank you! They're definitely all very accustomed to a camera in their face. :-)

  2. what a great collection of photos and the perfect record of a typical day at your house! love it! thanks so much for linking up with the simple things. :)


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