Monday, January 16, 2012

My photo was featured for the Project 52

It's now week three of the Project 52 and I just now figured out where to go to see the photos that were selected by Sarah of My Four Hens Photography as her favorites. So, I did some backtracking to see weeks 1 and 2 and was incredibly surprised to see this, my photo, as one of those selected in week 1.
Really surprised. Really, Really. Ok, Astounded.  There were some amazing photos entered and as with most of these types of community photo fests, I never expect to be noticed among the many beautiful photographs out there. I do it mainly as a challenge for myself.

The theme of that first week was "Resolution" and my idea here was that I'd like to spend more days at home like this, each of us doing what we love. Reading, cooking, photographing... just being creative and useful and ourselves. 

What a boost of inspiration for me to keep on keepin' on. Sarah's photography is absolutely amazing and her opinion, therefore, priceless. (I'm sure Enzo's chef hat was the real deal breaker, but I'll take it.)  Week 3's theme is "Inspiration." I should just take a photo of my photo amongst all of those other beauties and there it would be.

I'm thrilled.

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