Monday, January 9, 2012

Cry, Baby!

Ok, like choosing my favorite 11 wasn't difficult enough, now I'm participating in a best face of 2011.  Thing is, I LOVE all the faces I photograph. I'm sure we're all struggling with the same issue, we who are participating, so I'll suck it up and choose one...

As I dug through the chronicles this one popped up and I lit up and there it is. Nothing better than this (especially when you're not the mom)..... Those tiny lips and the sprinkle of teardrop on the eye. Precious. A little soul demanding to be heard. You tell 'em, baby. ... all while three little ducks parade happily across his hat and a consoling hand comes close. I love it so.

This is an entry into I Heart Faces Weekly Photo Challenge. Check out the best of the best faces of 2011 by clicking here:


  1. Hi! I linked here from I Heart Faces! I love this picture and the real tear is breaking my heart! ;)

  2. this little guy is adorable. and nice DOF

  3. Thanks to both of you for the nice words. I appreciate your comments.


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