Monday, January 23, 2012

By the Book

The I Heart Faces theme for the week is "By the Book."  Coincidentally, I had taken these photos last week, and this one a week before, each with a book theme. But, I decided to get my camera out and go for something new. The reason I do these things is to challenge myself, right? Not that I haven't gone to the archives for themes-past, but, this one is not only very doable (living room, couch, sunny day) it's also such a huge part of our lives, I don't think I could ever have enough documentation of the subject. Nor do I ever grow tired of it.

So, here it is, my I Heart Faces entry. You can see the many other beautiful photos here.



  1. You captured how deep he is into the book Nice job

    1. Thank you, MG. He's definitely into it. :-)

  2. i love that he's so into the book that he doesnt even (seem to) know youre taking the picture! i love the angle!

  3. Thanks so much, Anna. He surely had no interest in me at that moment. This was a favorite session for both my boys.


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