Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The boys and I ventured this past weekend to a living history event. It was a many-topic-ed thing, but we were there mainly to see the civil war re-enacting because their friend would be part of the union troops that took part in the battle. Fun!

Before the skirmish started we ventured into the medic's area. There was a very interesting man playing the medic and telling us about the medicine and medical procedures used on the battlefield and off. While we listened, I noticed that he had two different colors in each eye! Wow, I couldn't get my mind off of it, and as interesting as his talk was (really, it was) I kept thinking, 'When he's done, I'm so asking to get a portrait of him."

Didn't hurt that he was in the shade of the structure and looking into the light. Can you say "catchlights!" (You must say it with the exclamation point in effect. They were awesome.)
Also doesn't hurt that the man obviously knows how to pose. 

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