Tuesday, August 28, 2012

P52/Week 35: "Composition"

I've committed myself to participating in a photography project called Project 52, where each week there's a challenge to take a photo with a particular theme and enter it on the group Flickr site.

Shocking the world and myself (ok, only myself since no-one else cares, really) with an early entry this week for the P52.  But, the answer to my theme just sort of fell into my lap today and I'm in love with it.

The boys are taking a PA state history class, which takes place in a barn. I bring my camera along every week to occupy myself while they attend, especially since it's in such a picturesque setting.
I've raved and gushed about the light in this barn before. And, well, even before that.

Today, I walked in and saw this!!

P52/Week 35: "Composed"

A still-life composition all set up and being lit with window light as if it were waiting there just for me. I couldn't believe it. The light. The shadows. The texture. The diagonal. Oh my goodness.

In actuality, it was there waiting for the kids as they were going to be making ink from the butternuts and write a state constitution with the goose quills, but that doesn't stop me from swooning over my gifted composition and believing it was all for me.

By the way, the light had completely changed only a short while after I took this. It wasn't as directional and became quite flat. So glad I didn't let my shyness make me hesitate.

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