Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music at the Market

The now-ready-for-prime-time trio that is my banjo-playing sons and their bass-playing dad had their first paid gig this past weekend. They were asked to play in front of a fish market.  It's a family-run business, which likes to have a fun and interesting atmosphere for shopping.

I, naturally, was at hand with my camera.

I took lots of shots of the three of them and tried to capture the crowds, but this close up is my favorite of all those I took. Love his expression, the beautiful light in his eyes, the color and the dimension of context added by the sign. (Freckles and hat don't hurt either. :-)  )

I'm sending this up for my Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley 

Here are a few of the pull backs of the scene.

Love people who enjoy the little things and react to the music

Yay! I caught his eye. :-)

From across the street. You can see how this market believes in attracting attention with the bear and the tombstone.

Love when they interact
...especially if it's a moment of fun between them.

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