Monday, July 16, 2012

The P52's

I've committed myself to participating in a photography project called Project 52, where each week there's a challenge to take a photo with a particular theme and enter it on the group Flickr site.

I've got some serious catch up to do on just about everything, but, since the Project 52 feels like more of a commitment (there's a number and dates attached) I'm giving it priority. I think I'll plop all of the missing weeks right here in one post.

So let's get started:

P52/Week 24: "Textures"

P52/Week 24: "Texture"

I noticed this on a play structure, which ought to pay the texture bill.  I took it with the intention of having it framed and put in our entryway, since as I'm sure you know, the C stands for Chiodi. :-)

Week 25 was Fatherhood. I used this photo.

P52/Week 26: "Friendship"

P52/Week 26: "Friendship"

I knew this theme would be my boys in some sort of interaction so I plopped onto the floor this morning next to them and waited for the fun. They enjoy each other, love the same games, make each other laugh and make me so happy.

P52/Week 27: "Addicted"

This was a tough one, but I had fun creating this image for the challenge, since most of these other entries were retrofitted to the themes.

P52/Week 27:"Addicted"

'nuf said? Let's just say that, sadly, I'm a much better sudoku player than I am a photographer....or phone call maker.

P52/Week 28: "Time"

P52/Week 28: "Time"

Our vacation last week gave us LOTS of found time since there was no internet, and barely any phone. Big swaths of time just enjoying the breeze and each other on the beautiful porch. Sigh.

And, so, I'm seeing the end of the tunnel. I'm not yet late on this week's challenge theme, which is "Me." Oh yeah, that one should be easy. Pbbbttt.

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