Tuesday, January 15, 2013

P52/Week 3: "Pieces of Me"

All these things I've been reading about putting together a photography portfolio have taught me nothing if they've not taught me that all of my photos should have a cohesive feel. That someone could look at my work and fill in the blank of "Kel is a __(name any genre here)__ photographer."

That I should be a portrait photographer. Or a lifestyle photographer. Or a wildlife photographer.

Aaaaaannnndddd, sure, maybe I can occasionally venture into the wilds of street photography and even a few (kitchen) studio setups. But, I'd also like to be much better at landscapes and creative composite images. I want to do it all.  WAAAA!

So, when I took this photo of myself for the P52 "Pieces of Me" entry....

P52/Week 3: "Pieces of Me"

I realized it shows how I feel about this photographic journey I'm on.  I don't want to pick just one... I want to be good at them all!
(And maybe I should add fine art photographer to my wannabe list.)

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