Saturday, January 5, 2013

P52/ Week 1: "Time"

I'm off and running with the new year P52. The theme is time and I can only hope that for the following 51 weeks I have as many ideas as I did with this one. I took a few, tried a few more and couldn't even get to others that I thought up.

But, ultimately, this is what I came up with:

As planned, I didn't write anything under my entry over on Flickr. But, I like the way this made me think about time.... Short term vs. long term; Geologic time; Seasons; and of course, the golden hour. :-)

Here are two others that I considered submitting:

Purple watch WM

Nico timing glue WM

The first felt more like an exercise in Photoshop to me since it's two photos (Nico's watch cropped and Christmas tree) together with effects applied. 

In the second Nico was waiting the allotted time until the glue was dry on his model figures.  I liked the storytelling feel to it, but felt like maybe it was more about 'waiting' rather than 'time'. I know... I'm thinking too much about this.

I chose the rock layers for my entry.

Thanks to my ever-willing creative team, Jt, Nico and Enzo, for idea generation, photo execution and entry decisions (not necessarily in that order). 


Thanks for visiting my blog. I'd love to hear your comments on my photography. I see this as a learning tool, so constructive criticism is welcome.