Friday, January 18, 2013

Assignment Work

I got a photo assignment today. Jt needed a photo.

He wanted a picture of his guitar so that he can have it as the wallpaper on his iPhone.

He's not a complicated man.

Tilt WM

overhead WM

I took those two knowing he'd want to be able to see the whole (mostly whole... I wanted it to be interesting) thing.

But, while I was taking these, I started to wonder whether he had given me this assignment today knowing I was needing something fun to do. I was having such a great time rearranging the guitar, trying to get it into the right light but without getting my own reflection on it. (Don't look too hard, please.)

I also had a lot of fun looking at it from lots of angles and finding a few that were interesting.

curve and knobs WM

bridge WM

Mission accomplished. He's got his phone all fancied out and can now see his guitar even when he can't be with his guitar. LOL

Thanks for the reason to play, Jt. <3

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