Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Tree ID

The boys and I went on a winter tree ID walk this weekend. It was lead by Kate St. John of WQED, a public TV/radio station.  Kate is an expert birder, with a particular fascination with peregrine falcons.  She blogs about them on WQED's website.  She told us, "Once you want to know a lot about birds, you want to know a lot about trees."
It's clearly worked for her as she was able to adeptly identify and sort out many trees for us on our walk based on their twig characteristics or their bark.  She also taught us how to use the tree identification book we have to figure them out through a flow chart of questions about the tree's twigs.

I took the opportunity for photos, of course.  With a combination of seeing the beauty through her eyes and the personal challenge of finding an interesting shot in the dreary depths of winter,  here's what I found:

A Black Locust tree. Love the crooked path the tree takes as it winds into the sky and how the other, wispier trees stand away from it as if they're afraid of it's sharp personality.

Cheated -er, uh, was inspired on this one.  I saw a shot just like it on the cover of one our fellow hiker's tree ID books.

The ghostly sycamore.

The sycamore from another view.

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