Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trying Something New

I decided to try my hand at street photography today. The only problem I encountered was that my subjects didn't show up. Slackers.  They were probably all at some fab Superbowl party or something. I knew the streets would be sparse of people on a Sunday, especially Superbowl Sunday (who's playing again?), but, it was emptier than I thought it would be.
Not one to let a little detail like everything-I-planned-not-being-available derail me, I went for the next best -and probably easier- thing. It was really the color of the sky that drew me out afterall, so I hunted for interesting architecture and detail shots. Here's what I found...

These two were just too cute to pass up. With red doors behind them? Forget it.

 Love the way the tree in the background mimics the fence in this.

Oohh, the rich tones.... and the way the leaf breaks the circle ... (No, I didn't put it there)
Love it.

Not surprisingly, this is Enzo's favorite. 


I might have a love/hate relationship with this next one.  I was disappointed to see Mr. Gillece in this shot and didn't have a lot of options for changing the composition because these ladies are pretty tall and there was only one planter for me to stand on. But, then I laughed at the dichotomy of it and decided to give it a try.  At least if I ever need a drain cleaning, I'll know these ladies will remind me who NOT to call.

Another "been meaning to try" shot. I love seeing patterns in photos, but have never tried it until now.  Definitely something different from me and I'll keep trying.

I noticed the puddle before I noticed the house and wanted to see what interesting reflections I could get. Love the asymmetry of the house.

 More 'gotta get the sky' shots.  The building has great potential for being quite striking, but like most things in this town, function comes before aesthetics.  I waited and waited for the flag to fly even though it meant I'd be even colder when it did.

I always notice these buildings when I drive by. Whomever the brave soul is that decided to paint their little share of the row-house pie purple did a great deed for humanity (or at least the West End). It makes everything around it look more interesting, too. 

And this one, I just liked the seeming label for future generations. 

...And... one more...  I've been meaning to get a self-portrait. So here's my first attempt.  Was wishing whoever owned the parked car would suddenly show up and drive it away, but, like I said, they were all in hiding.

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