Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hawks - Sweet Shot Tuesday

Ok, I'm apparently the only one who still thinks it's Monday. But, whatever. I guess I'll celebrate a short week like everyone else with a Sweet Shot Tuesday post.

Each day at about 4:30 there's a group of hawks (?) wait... a gaggle (?) 'flock of hawks' doesn't seem right. Oh, google to the rescue... a CAST of hawks that surveils the park across the street for their dinner. I enjoy watching them and noticing their routine. I've tried a few times to get them to pose for me, but well, you know how hawks are. Right?

I've tried shooting from behind my window and also by heading outdoors, but, seriously they are camera shy.

Today I seem to have managed stealth from my office window and captured them three in the frame:

Best part is a storm was coming to add a dramatic backdrop. Maybe they wanted to get dinner in before the rain and weren't worried about the likes of me.

So here's my Sweet Shot

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

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